Audi A4 B5 1.8T 2000 year

ID 280h

1 - FLAGS: bit1=idle_on  bit8=clutch_pressed

2,3 - RPM*4

4 - ?


6 - TPS 0-255

7 - ?


ID 288h

byte 4 - speed

ID 480h

1 - cycle count

3,4 - fuel count

ID 488h

2 - 280h byte 5

3 - 280h byte 8

Audi PlatformsEdit

No platforms or models have yet been contributed for this manufacturer. 

Latest activityEdit

  • edit GM GlobalA
    edited by A Fandom user diff
    Summary: Actuators:
  • discussion page Talk:Volvo
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: Thanks for this ! On my VOLVO V60 (2011) i dont need the k-line. The can buses are active on OBD2 without sending the HEXvalues on the k-line. ...
  • edit DC
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    Summary: broken link to mp3car forum fixed
  • edit Ford
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    Summary: Added vehicle platform and more info to come.

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