General MotorsEdit

Many GM platforms have been reverse engineered (largely due to information found in GM's own standards, like GMW-3110).

General InformationEdit

GM specifies module addresses which remain constant across platforms. These addresses appear below.

11-Bit Module Headers (Reply Addresses += 0x400)

Wakeup 0x100

Request All Nodes 0x101

Diagnostic Request 0x102

Suspension Control 0x232 (unverified)

Reserved Node Request 0x240

Body Control Module 0x241

Theft Deterrent Module 0x242

Electronic Brake Control Module 0x243

Electronic Head Unit 0x244

SIC 0x246

Secondary Restraint System 0x247

Instrument Panel Cluster 0x24C

OnStar 0x24D

Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning 0x251

RFA 0x258

Parking Assist 0x259

Seat Control Module 0x25D

Power Steering Pump 0x542 (unverified)

Engine Computer 0x7E0 (reply 0x7E8)

Fuel Pump 0x7E3 (reply 0x7EB)

General Motors appears to be using an "embedded" arbitration ID to unify their commands.

Per Foxdie's mBed repo, arbitration ID's are calculated as follows:

// Example header packet for Steering Wheel Switches:

// Hexadecimal: 0x10 0x0D 0x00 0x60

// Binary: 00010000 00001101 00000000 01100000

// Priority: —

// Arbitration: – -------- —

// Sending ECU: --- ------

General Motors PlatformsEdit

Global A (Regal, Camaro, SRX, Equinox, Lacrosse ...)

Older (including Zeta)

Volt (and Ampera)


Latest activityEdit

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