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This Wiki covers vehicle platform reverse engineering. This includes CANBus, FlexRAY, LIN, and all other vehicle networks. The aim of this site is to provide documentation and resources which will help developers build third-party automotive hardware, software, and applications. Everyone is welcome to read and contribute. When using external resources (work that you did not yourself reverse engineer), please provide a source link. Be respectful of content creators and understand that not all authors will want their work republished on this Wiki. Should you yourself be a content creator and find your work published on this site without attribution or permission, it is your right to edit that topic to remove your content.

Why Vehicle Networks?Edit

In the past decades, vehicles have become immeasurably more complex. Engine improvements are not the end of the technical improvements - rather, infotainment systems, telematics systems, and comfort and convenience features drive the bulk of the complexity in a modern vehicle. With so many devices in vehicles, wiring is a challenge - one solution auto manufacturers have turned to is the creation of "networks" to aggregate traffic and simplify wiring. While most manufacturers do not provide information about the internal network, the protocols at play - namely CANBus - are unencryptable. The upshot of this is that the wealth of information manufacturers transmit to and from sensors, actuators, and processing modules becomes available to end users. By documenting our findings for various vehicle networks on this Wiki, we hope to be able to use these data and control actuators in meaningful ways.

Wiki PurposeEdit

This Wiki serves to aggregate knowledge from the many auto-enthusiasts who "hack" their cars and share on forums. The hope is that by exposing the data and actuators in vehicles, developers may create innovative new products and services to improve performance, comfort, and quality of life as it relates to vehicles. Additionally, the contents of this Wiki, when validated, will be built into libraries distributed by CarKnow LLC and bundled with CARduino hardware to make accessing vehicle data and controlling outputs simple.

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General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC)

Daimler-Chrysler (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM)


Ford (Lincoln, Mercury)





Kia Motors America

Land Rover















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Robert Leale's presentation on Reverse Engineering

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